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With technology changing the way every man lives his life, from moment to moment it has become imperative that society moves strongly towards education. Not in the traditional way, but using the same technologies to reach out to knowledge that is suddenly so very accessible. I strongly believe that our collective future lies in the hands of the most intelligent and well articulated new generation and the difference between any two human beings will be only defined by education or the lack of it. Our future will be defined and decided by another generation. Hence, it is of supreme importance that this generation of young people, our children, are equipped to take those decisions on our behalf.

Mr.Santosh Rungta

Rungta Group of Institutions

In this era of globalisation, we need to strive to make ourselves technically strong as a nation. It is of utmost importance that our efforts converge to impart the best of emerging technologies to our future generation.In coming times, I am certain that our colleges will stand as the signpost of professional education from a global perspective, with its post modern approach and technological prowess.

Dr.Sourabh Rungta

Director (Technical)
Rungta Group of Institutions

One of the greatest challenges for an educational institution is to utilise its diverse strengths and integrate into a seamless process meant to benefit all its entities. The major strength indeed comes from the wide range of qualifications and experience of its management and faculty. I am happy that we have been able to harness these strengths and provide our students much more than just academic achievements.

Mr.Sonal Rungta

Director (Finance & Administration)
Rungta Group of Institutions

Being the Principal of Rungta College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. I am sharing here my pleasure and joy. In the long run potent, economic and less toxic products can only survive in the market, whether pharmaceuticals or pharmacists. Product's quality generally depends on the place from where they are originated. Efficiency is more than a mere proficiency. As a Pharmacist, I believe that to stay on the top of this profession one needs high quality, standard and reliability. Our College has been rendering such a dedicated service for the past 16 years to shape up the young people in the form of Pharmacists to face the forthcoming challenges in Health care. This website is the perfect reflection of these expressions. "Participation is the Prime Criterion; Success or failure stands next". Our dedicated effort, along with hard work and sincerity from all possible sides have been coupled in order to cater the needs of the society. My sincere thanks to my faculty, others staff members and all the students in lending their helping hand for the success of our Institution.

Dr. Ajazuddin

Rungta College of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research